Chopped “Cooking Caribbean” was Great! Even Better with #CaribbeanTwitter.

If you’re a foodie, most likely you were like me on Tuesday night in front of the television or mobile device watching the newest episode of Chopped on The Food Network.

This episode was especially exciting as the theme was “Cooking Caribbean” and featured three chefs from the Caribbean.  Chef Keisha Bocage, originally from Trinidad, now Owner and Executive Chef of Bocage Catering in Houston; Chef Brandon Soverall also from Trinidad, also working in Houston as Chef de Cuisine at Triniti Restaurant and finally Chef Andre Fowles, native of Jamaica and Sous chef at Miss Lilly’s in NYC.

For me, just watching a show live isn’t enough. I love to read tweets while I’m watching. Those who couldn’t watch it, would’ve had no problem following along thanks to Caribbean Twitter.

So much Caribbean love and  support was shown to the chefs:


In the first round, the appetizer mystery basket included Shrimp, Papaya, Canned Spiced Ham and Mofongo. I felt comforted by the fact that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know what Mofongo was:

Unfortunately Chef Bocage dropped almost all of her shrimp and apparently there is no 5-second rule on Chopped:

Although she made a delicious grilled shrimp salad, it wasn’t enough to stop her from getting chopped.

When the Entree mystery basket was revealed to include Goat Chops, Chickpeas, Callaloo and Whole Coconuts, everyone got excited.

Chef Soverall decided to make Stewed Goat with a delicious Chickpea Puree.  Chef Fowles however, decided to make Curry Goat and Buss Up Shut and we all thought the same thing:

Even though it would take us hours, Chef Fowles was able to serve a tender Curry Goat and Buss up Shut in twenty minutes.  We were all confident that our Caribbean boys would make it to the Dessert round. But for a fleeting moment during the commercial break, we all were wondering:

Miami Native Chef Rocco Nankervis was chopped.  The Trinidad vs. Jamaica showdown was confirmed for the dessert round!

The final Dessert round mystery basket included: Sugarcane, Mangos, Sweet Potatoes and Rum. Cyan go wrong wit de rum. Chef Soverall decided to make a Sweet Potato Panna Cota while Chef Fowles made a Sweet Potato Mousse.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 9.38.03 AM It was a tense round for everyone:

But in the end it was Chef Andre Fowles who took the Chopped Championship home.

Congratulations to Chef Fowles, Chef Soverall and Chef Borcage for making Caribbean Twitter proud last night!