Caribbean Food, Wine and Rum Festivals in 2016

Everyone’s gearing up for Carnival season throughout the Caribbean ensuring bodies are “tight” for  costumes and fete outfits. And while we at Eat The Caribbean love a great fete, we are truly looking  forward to all of the great food, wine and rum festivals scheduled.

We don’t need to worry about getting in shape for these festivals. All we need is our appetites, loose clothing and maybe a designated driver.

This list features just a few  food festivals, so it can be considered “ETC’s Food Festival Wish List 2016”.

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Notting Hill Carnival: Hard Food, Hard Sell

Leading up to this weekend’s ultimate Caribbean cultural extravaganza known as the Notting Hill Carnival in the U.K., the BBC has run a series of short video stories showcasing various aspects of the largest festival celebration of its kind in Europe”. Episode three of Notting Hill Carnival focuses on food and explores why West Indian/Caribbean cuisine isn’t more popular after the two-day festivities end.

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