Lionfish: From Predator to Entrée

A few years ago, Caribbean countries had branded the lionfish “Public Enemy #1”.  Originally from the Indo-Pacific Seas , scientists say that this popular exotic aquarium animal was released into the wilds of the Atlantic Ocean. Known to wipe out 50 percent of native species of fish within days of inhabiting an area, something had to be done in order to preserve the ecosystem.

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When Life Gives You Mangoes….Make Mango Sorbet!

I love mangoes and this season has so far been the most fruitful in a long time.  Friends, family and neighbours have been supplying us with so much of the sweet fruit that I was eating 4-5 a day, everyday for the last two weeks.  Am I tired of them? No way!  It’s my favourite fruit and I could never have too much of them.  At least that’s what I thought.

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