One Bahamian’s breadfruit is Another Jamaican’s Breadfruit

As a kid growing up in The Bahamas I never ate much breadfruit. During each breadfruit season, the distinctive “bumpy” green fruit would bear down trees all around our usual stomping grounds – between school and home – but seldom found their way on to our plates. We knew what they were and that they were edible and I even have vague recollections of eating it at some point (a bland memory), but it’s safe to say that breadfruit was not a regular part of our meals. We did make good use of them as balls for various games though, including dodgeball. Yes, they hurt.

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Atlantis: A Wonderland of Summer Stimulation for Kids

The Atlantis Resort, on Paradise Island in The Bahamas, is world renowned for its family friendly environment, offering activities for kids of all ages to enjoy, from the current Cartoon Network ‘Summer @ Atlantis’ water feature to Club CRUSH, a teenagers-only nightclub. My summer crew of kids and I had the pleasure of experiencing a tour of the entire water habitat at the resort, and it did not disappoint.

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