Yes Chef! With Chef Freda Gore

After a short break, we’re back with a new installment in our Yes Chef! Series and are excited to feature our first female chef! Chef Freda Gore is the owner and tour host of Caribbean Culinary Tours, which specializes in culinary vacations and retreats to Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Puerto Rico. Chef Gore has over 25 years in the culinary field, holding various positions including that of Chef Instructor at The Hotel Training Center, Dutchman’s Bay Antigua.

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Ginger Beer an’ Ting

Caribbean adult beverages get a fair share of attention, and rightly so. Rum is uniquely, historically, Caribbean and a variety of quality beers are brewed across the region. However, the little cousins of these grown up spirits often get short shrift, despite the fact that they are likely enjoyed more frequently with our favourite meals.

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Introducing “Yes Chef!”

This week we’ll premiere a new Q&A series called “Yes Chef!” where we introduce you to some of the most talented culinary masters the Caribbean has to offer. Our hope is that you’ll get to know some of the personalities behind the culinary revolution taking place in the region (and around the world),  and be inspired to seek out and enjoy their creations.

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Lionfish: From Predator to Entrée

A few years ago, Caribbean countries had branded the lionfish “Public Enemy #1”.  Originally from the Indo-Pacific Seas , scientists say that this popular exotic aquarium animal was released into the wilds of the Atlantic Ocean. Known to wipe out 50 percent of native species of fish within days of inhabiting an area, something had to be done in order to preserve the ecosystem.

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