The Minority Chef Summit

The Minority Chef Summit took place May 1st -4th in Nassau, Bahamas. The goal of the summit according to it’s website was to:

…create a space where we can show solidarity amongst our colleagues, be positive role models to this next generation of hospitality professionals, and to pay homage to the legacy and heritage of our forefathers and mothers. We hold this summit not as a referendum on race relation in culinary work, but as an open space to share our work, unite under common cultural experiences, and to celebrate our largely marginalized contributions to the culinary world. We come together not to exclude anyone or to fixate on negativity, but to insure that we all have better and more equal access, exposure, and voice within our profession, and to harness the cultural power innate to us through our shared minority experiences.”

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Conch & Beer Commission

Yesterday we took a quick trip to the Potter’s Cay Dock, under the Paradise Island Bridge in Nassau, Bahamas. It was busy as usual (a growing competitor to the more popular Arawak Cay, perhaps?) but something different caught our attention: the near total monopoly that Kalik Beer has on signage sponsorship! Of the 26 stalls we photographed, 25 had Kalik signs and 1 a Sands Beer sign. Take a look!

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