Top Caribbean Chefs of Instagram

Instagram (IG) was made for foodies. It’s in the company’s original business plan I’m sure, since there are probably more pics of food than anything else on the social network. (Pics of sunsets and workouts are likely in the running as well.) Caribbean chefs – both professional and weeknight/weekend warriors alike – take full advantage of IG to showcase their mouth-watering creations and we decided to take a quick look at the Caribbean chefs (the pros) who make great use of IG to give their fans a glimpse inside their kitchens and their lives.

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Famous Americans of Caribbean Descent

The Caribbean and The United States of America have shared a long and prolific history together.  The U.S. has always been the symbol of freedom and prosperity to many in the Caribbean. As a result, we all have family and friends who have emigrated north and contributed to the social, political, educational, and economic prosperity of The United States.  We’d like to highlight a few famous Americans of Caribbean descent who have done just that.

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