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Yes Chef! with Chef Jason Howard

In our latest installment of Yes Chef! we speak with Chef Jason Howard of Barbados. Since arriving in the UK, Chef Howard has transformed Caribbean food from the street to fine dining. As the head chef at The Froottree restaurant in London, he promises “…. you’ll see great things and Caribbean food never seen and tasted before, but still embodying the Caribbean flavours and history.”

Since his appearance on “MasterChef: The Professionals (UK)”, Chef Howard has grown in popularity in 2015 with  over 53, 000 followers on Instagram.  See our previous post for highlights from “MasterChef: The Professionals (UK)”. Continue reading

Chef Simeon Hall Jr. source:  Scharad Lightbourne

Yes Chef! with Chef Simeon Hall Jr.

Welcome to the latest installment of Yes Chef! – our culinary Q&A with top Caribbean chefs around the world. Today we feature “Farm to Table” advocate, Chef Simeon Hall Jr. of The Bahamas.

As a private chef, his delicacies have been requested throughout The Bahamas and the Caribbean and as an advocate of Farm to Table cuisine, Chef Hall educates everyone – including fellow chefs – on a style he describes as “simply using local ingredients with global techniques”.  He has hosted a series of pop-up events in partnership with other local chefs that have received rave reviews.
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Yes Chef! With Chef Freda Gore

After a short break, we’re back with a new installment in our Yes Chef! Series and are excited to feature our first female chef! Chef Freda Gore is the owner and tour host of Caribbean Culinary Tours, which specializes in culinary vacations and retreats to Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Puerto Rico. Chef Gore has over 25 years in the culinary field, holding various positions including that of Chef Instructor at The Hotel Training Center, Dutchman’s Bay Antigua.

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Yes Chef! with Chef Tim Tibbitts

Today we kick off our first installment of our  Q&A series “Yes Chef!” where we introduce you to some of the most talented culinary masters the Caribbean has to offer. Our first featured Chef is Bahamian Tim Tibbitts of Flying Fish Restaurant, in Freeport, Grand Bahama. Chef Tibbitts will be cooking at The James Beard House, in New York City, on Thursday July 10th which coincides with The Bahamas’ Independence Day.

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Introducing “Yes Chef!”

This week we’ll premiere a new Q&A series called “Yes Chef!” where we introduce you to some of the most talented culinary masters the Caribbean has to offer. Our hope is that you’ll get to know some of the personalities behind the culinary revolution taking place in the region (and around the world),  and be inspired to seek out and enjoy their creations.

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