One Bahamian’s breadfruit is Another Jamaican’s Breadfruit

As a kid growing up in The Bahamas I never ate much breadfruit. During each breadfruit season, the distinctive “bumpy” green fruit would bear down trees all around our usual stomping grounds – between school and home – but seldom found their way on to our plates. We knew what they were and that they were edible and I even have vague recollections of eating it at some point (a bland memory), but it’s safe to say that breadfruit was not a regular part of our meals. We did make good use of them as balls for various games though, including dodgeball. Yes, they hurt.

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Top Caribbean Chefs of Instagram

Instagram (IG) was made for foodies. It’s in the company’s original business plan I’m sure, since there are probably more pics of food than anything else on the social network. (Pics of sunsets and workouts are likely in the running as well.) Caribbean chefs – both professional and weeknight/weekend warriors alike – take full advantage of IG to showcase their mouth-watering creations and we decided to take a quick look at the Caribbean chefs (the pros) who make great use of IG to give their fans a glimpse inside their kitchens and their lives.

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How to Eat Like a Cuban in Havana

Since the President of the United States announced a new policy toward Cuba, we’ve seen a steady stream of interesting stories about life in this cultural Caribbean mecca. This story from Munchies is one of our favorites:

If you just want to be a tourist, you’ll spend a fortune eating in Havana. If your budget is more austere, however, you should eat like a Cuban, in places where Cubans usually go. You’ll spend no more than $20 a week, though that can often equal many Cubans’ monthly salaries. Food is a serious subject for Habaneros—Havana residents—the vast majority of whom start their day without knowing what they will eat. But Cuba is also a case study in survival. If you’ve got rum, coffee, and cigarettes, you can make do with little else.

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A New Day Dawns

The sun climbs above the horizon off the Eastern end of  New Providence, Bahamas, near “Lookout Point”. A great way to start a new day.



Yes Chef! With Chef Freda Gore

After a short break, we’re back with a new installment in our Yes Chef! Series and are excited to feature our first female chef! Chef Freda Gore is the owner and tour host of Caribbean Culinary Tours, which specializes in culinary vacations and retreats to Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Puerto Rico. Chef Gore has over 25 years in the culinary field, holding various positions including that of Chef Instructor at The Hotel Training Center, Dutchman’s Bay Antigua.

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