Introducing “Yes Chef!”

This week we’ll premiere a new Q&A series called “Yes Chef!” where we introduce you to some of the most talented culinary masters the Caribbean has to offer. Our hope is that you’ll get to know some of the personalities behind the culinary revolution taking place in the region (and around the world),  and be inspired to seek out and enjoy their creations.

Here’s a preview from our first two installments in the series:

Chef Tim Tibbitts

The Bahamas


Q: You grew up in Toronto, a city known for its culinary scene and foodie culture. What do you think can be done to create that kind of culture in The Bahamas?

A: It’s starting. When I first moved back to The Bahamas the first thing I noticed was a complete lack of Chef Culture. In Toronto, everyone knew everyone and all the hospitality workers hung out together and dished about the guests and work and new ideas.

Chef Digby Stridiron

U.S. Virgin Islands

Q: You spent a few years in the United States Air Force. How were you able to stay passionate about cuisine during your military service?

A: I did a lot of cooking at home and at gatherings with my fellow airmen, read books and things of that sort. The military actually was a big part, because it introduced me to southern and Arcadian foods and Korean foods that I wouldn’t have gotten to see.

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