The Tarts of St. Martin Monastery

There are few things you experience in life that cause you to stop in your tracks and celebrate their very existence with sheer delight. The coconut and pineapple tarts created by the Benedictine Sisters of the St. Martin Monastery in Nassau, Bahamas certainly are.

We spent the morning with the Sisters recently (full, delicious story to come) and were blessed – yes, blessed – to behold their beautiful and divine creations. And believe us – beauty is in the belly of the beholder!

Established in 1937, the St. Martin Monastery is a fixture in the local community and the Sisters have been turning out their heavenly creations – including bread, cookies and tarts – for decades. The nuns, led by Prioress Sister Annie Thompson, regularly supply local establishments and often receive orders for special events.

You will forgive us the excess of clichés and divine references when you too are touched by these culinary delights. The Sisters are indeed doing God’s work.


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