There’s Roti, and then there’s Trinidadian Roti

This was one of our favourite, and most popular, Food Finds here on EAT The Caribbean, so we wanted to repost and feature here again. Make sure to click through to Public Radio International (PRI) to read the full story, listen to the embedded audio and watch the video.

I fell in love with Trinidadian roti more than a decade ago. I was on a study aboard trip. And roti greeted me everywhere on the tiny Caribbean island. As Hanif Abrahim tells it, everybody eats roti in Trinidad. 

“In the morning when you get up, they make roti. And then in the afternoon they make roti again. So it’s roti morning and evening.”

Abrahim and his boss, Nazir Ali, chatted with me in the back office at Ali’s Roti in Mattapan, Massachusetts. It’s humid as all get out and a tiny fan whirs in the background. Both men sweat and smile, obviously bemused by my interest into something that for them, is pretty mundane. “Roti is just a Hindi word describing bread,” Ali says.

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