Celebrating Jamaica’s Independence in The Bahamas

Happy 52nd anniversary of Independence, Jamaica! Although we were unable to make it to the festivities in Jamaica, we did the next best thing and celebrated with Jamaicans living in The Bahamas! (FYI: Jamaicans are everywhere!! 🙂 )

On Monday, The Jamaican Association held an Independence Celebration and Fair on the grounds of the Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre in Nassau. There was, of course, great music and entertainment, but our favourite part was all of the food! From ackee and salt-fish to  jerk pork – all the flavours of Jamaica were there ‘fi nyam’! We made the mistake of sharing a plate of jerk pork, boil, breadfruit and fried dumpling and quickly realized that sharing was a major lapse in judgement.

The company was even better than the food.  Everywhere we went, there were friendly faces always willing to give a smile, take a photo and share some time.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time celebrating with everyone here in Nassau, and join our Caribbean brothers and sisters today in saying “Happy Independence Day Jamaica!”


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