CNN’s Anthony Bourdain to Explore Jamaica’s Parts Unknown

Our speculation from earlier this summer has been confirmed: Anthony Bourdain will give Jamaica the “Parts Unknown” treatment in an episode this season on the very popular “Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown” on CNN.

Per the press release issued announcing the air date for the new season:

Bourdain heads to Jamaica, a destination well known for delicious Caribbean delicacies and feel-good vibes. The host travels along the Northeast region of the island and explores life in Port Antonio and Winnifred Beach. He also delves into the importance of music legend Bob Marley, with his producer Chris Blackwell, and takes a side trip to the home of author Ian Fleming (the setting of James Bond novels). A main topic in this episode is the ever-burgeoning tourist industry and how it continues to affect the local population.

No specific air date for the Jamaica episode has been announced, but we’ll certainly not miss it (nor any of the other episodes when the new season starts on September 28th).


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