Top Caribbean Chefs of Instagram

Instagram (IG) was made for foodies. It’s in the company’s original business plan I’m sure, since there are probably more pics of food than anything else on the social network. (Pics of sunsets and workouts are likely in the running as well.) Caribbean chefs – both professional and weeknight/weekend warriors alike – take full advantage of IG to showcase their mouth-watering creations and we decided to take a quick look at the Caribbean chefs (the pros) who make great use of IG to give their fans a glimpse inside their kitchens and their lives.

We developed a simple algorithm that factors in each chef’s total number of IG followers along with their level of daily activity based on the prior 30 days. This is by no means scientific but is a good measure of their popularity and level of engagement with a food-obsessed audience, ourselves included. So, without further ado, we present the Top Caribbean Chefs of Instagram.

The Top 10

1. Chef Gio Cooper – @da_bahamian_vegan

This Bahamian vegan chef has amassed a following of over 9k and is very active on IG, posting multiple times a day. Who knew vegans had so much energy! 🙂

In addition to sharing beauty shots of some of his dishes, @da_bahamian_vegan provides a regular dose of inspiration and encouragement, particularly for those in search of a healthier culinary experience.

2. Chef Jason Howard – @chefjasonhoward

Chef Howard treats his more than 10k followers to almost daily visual culinary stimulation with his professionally dressed and perfectly presented plates.

Chef Howard

IG is all about the food for @chefjasonhoward and he uses the platform to put all the colors of his Barbadian-Vincentian heritage on display.

3. Chef Brian Lumley – @cheflumley

We’re longtime fans of this Jamaican culinary wunderkind and he serves up IG posts as delightful as the dishes he creates. He has clearly struck a chord, amassing a following of over 10k as he puts his plating (and modeling) skills on display.

Chef Lumley shows his creativity not just on the plate, but also in the descriptions he concocts for many of his posts.


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