Top Caribbean Chefs of Instagram

6. Nina Compton – @ninacompton

The Top Chef Season 11 runner-up, and St. Lucia native, shows why she’s tops on IG as well, with a beautifully stylized feed.

Chef Compton’s IG looks like it was pulled directly from the pages of Bon Appétit magazine or the cameras at the Top Chef studios and they show a chef totally immersed in and clearly enjoying her culinary journey. We’re among her almost 5K – and growing – fans.

7. Chris De La Rosa – @caribbeanpot

This native of Trinidad & Tobago shares his passion for and expertise in all things Caribbean cuisine with his almost 4k followers on IG (and many thousands more on other social networks).

Chris De La Rosa

On his website @caribbeanpot shares that he has no formal culinary training, but his amazing food and drinks tell the tasty tale.

Fried snapper topped with a Creole sauce.

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