Caribbean Food, Wine and Rum Festivals in 2016

Everyone’s gearing up for Carnival season throughout the Caribbean ensuring bodies are “tight” for  costumes and fete outfits. And while we at Eat The Caribbean love a great fete, we are truly looking  forward to all of the great food, wine and rum festivals scheduled.

We don’t need to worry about getting in shape for these festivals. All we need is our appetites, loose clothing and maybe a designated driver.

This list features just a few  food festivals, so it can be considered “ETC’s Food Festival Wish List 2016”.


What’s The Caribbean without rum?  We’ve enjoyed these spirits for hundreds of years. It’s part of our DNA.

For all the rum lovers out there RumBahamas offers it’s Third Annual Rum Festival. This three day event which takes place on Fort Charlotte in Nassau gives you a chance to sample over 30 rums, great food and enjoy musical entertainment from throughout the Caribbean.

The festival is set to take place Feb. 26th-28th 2016.

Saborea Puerto Rico
Saborea Puerto Rico

Saborea Puerto Rico will be held on Escambrón Beach on April 7th -10th on the island. Daily food tastings and demonstrations will be given by local restaurants, international and local chefs along with rums, wine, beer and distilled spirits.

Gout et Saveurs Lakay
Gout et Saveurs Lakay

Gout et Saveurs Lakay, Haiti Food and Spirits Festival,  is a ten day celebration of Haiti’s gastronomy and culinary talents.  Host, Chef Stephan Durand, invites Haitian, Caribbean and International chefs together to “help promote  and elevate all facets of the culinary and hospitality industry” in  Haiti. Some of these chefs, along with Chef Stephan are featured in our “Yes Chef!” series.

Usually held in September,  Gout et Saveurs Lakay, promises not to disappoint.

Rohan Marley & Chef Johnny Iuzzini @NyamJam 2015
Rohan Marley & Chef Johnny Iuzzini @NyamJam 2015

Celebrate Jamaica’s food and culture at The NyamJam Festival in November.  Set in the beautiful luxury resort, Goldeneye, NyamJam features famous International, Caribbean and local chefs.    The weekend offers live chef demonstrations, local street food and ends with a Celebrity Chef Dinner.

Barbados Food & Wine and Rum Festival

Barbados considers itself “The Culinary Capital of The Caribbean”. Featuring both International and local chefs, wine experts and mixologists, Barbados’ Food, Wine and Rum Festival offers an exceptional culinary experience that will “tantalize the taste buds”.

Held in November, this festival offers everything you need to satisfy the palette.

So, our food, wine and rum festival wish list is set for the year.  Like I said earlier, these are but a few of all of the food festivals available throughout the Caribbean. If you want to truly experience the culture of a country, hit up a food festival. It’s more than just a culinary experience. The music, crafts, people and good vibes will make you feel at home.


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