Action Bronson Takes His Munchies to Jamaica

We are HUGE fans of Vice Media’s food-focused channel Munchies and one of our favourite shows is F*ck That’s Delicious with Chef-slash-Rapper-slash-Mr. Wonderful Action Bronson. So it was a treat to see this great video of the self-titled “Human Highlight Reel” himself doing it up at last year’s inaugural NyamJam Festival in Jamaica.

We weren’t lucky enough to attend NyamJam but got a real good taste for it watching Action do his thing like only Action Bronson can – ” I Looooove Jamaican Fooooooood!!”.

Maybe we’ll share some of that culinary goodness with him at the next event….and also take a minute to teach him how to properly pronounce “nyam”. 😀

Big up NyamJam, Vice, Munchies and Mr. Wonderful himself Action Bronson!


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